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This week I made GOTV calls for Florida State House District 38 candidate Beverly Ledbetter and County Commission candidate Erika Remsberg. On Friday I also worked in our coordinated campaign office and cheered callers and canvassers for Florida State House District 36 candidate Amanda Murphy while doing my best impression of Fawn Hall.

For those who don’t remember her – which seems to be almost everyone, thankfully – Hall was the secretary to then Lt.Col. Oliver North and helped shred documents related to the Iran-Contra Scandal. When she couldn’t shred enough in time, she sneaked some out in her underwear. I remember her only because of a news editing class a few years later where we had to lay out a front page, and our news package included a story of Hall trying to get a book deal. I headlined the story Fawn’s Tale for Sale? My professor said that was “inappropriate.” Hrmm.

Anyway, our phone banking and canvassing lists have voters’ information so we shred them after we enter the data. Thus my Fawn Hall impression, except I didn’t sneak any out in my underwear and I’m not writing a book about it.

I want to thank all of the members of our Democratic Executive Committee, as well as the other volunteers who’ve done such good work. As of this morning at 6am, our by mail and early vote share is 35%, two points above our registered voter share of 33%. Our candidates polled well among non-partisan voters, and together Democrats and non-partisans totaled 56% of this year’s by mail and early voters. Our races will be very close, but with strong election day GOTV we have a real opportunity to go 3-for-3 … in a county that is usually regarded as solidly Republican.

Statewide, by mail and early voting is up 25% from 2010 and our partisan gap is only 4.3%, one third the gap of 2010. In Florida, at least, Tuesday night’s results could be surprisingly … blue.