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This week I finished canvassing my precinct for Florida State House candidate Beverly Ledbetter and County Commission candidate Erika Remsberg. It was a lit drop – hanging candidate packets on doorknobs – so I didn’t have all that many conversations, but all of the registered voters I spoke with said they would vote and some had already voted by mail.

I also worked in our coordinated campaign office Friday afternoon, where I helped prepare canvassing packets for Florida State Rep. Amanda Murphy. We had phone bankers busy all afternoon, and we also had a visit from gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist‘s running mate, Annette Taddeo. Here’s one of the photos from her visit. She’s in the yellow dress and I’m beside her in the blue top:

AnnetteCrissieGroup photo AnnetteCrissie.jpg

Annette shared the encouraging news that early Democratic turnout in her home county, Miami-Dade, is up significantly from 2010 levels. While turnout totals statewide and in our county still favor Republicans so far, the margins are much lower than in 2010 … close enough that we can win if we work hard chasing the remaining by-mail and early voters and continue with strong election day GOTV.