I have been volunteering at the same DFL office long enough now to be both reliable and interesting. My new college grad staff person asked me what I did. I said I was retired. She asked what I did before I retired. I was searching for an answer that was both clear and comprehensible. (More)

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I told her that I had been a VP of Human Resources and had an organizational consulting practice. She asked what that meant. In a burst of trying to connect my professional career to what she might understand I said, “I was a community organizer but in business.”

Her reaction was priceless. I might have been the first person she ever heard connect community organizing and business. Community organizing, aka listening to people, getting them involved in solving the problems they face, helping them understand the power of their collective voices, and planning actions is really what empowerment (business term) and political activism are all about. It is the core of why unions are important.

The many worlds of work: for profit, not for profit, academia, government, religious institutions, military, retail or services … take your pick. Every work place is a group of people trying to get something done. Hopefully the workers know what the goal is. Ideally they have the support and the tools to achieve the goals. Sadly, that is easier said than done.

Every one of us who is making phone calls, canvassing and reminding family and friends to vote is a community organizer. For the next 14 days it is the best thing we can do to help Democrats win. It is the only thing we can do. Turn off the inside the beltway ‘news’ and get busy organizing your community. And thanks for doing your part.