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This week I attended my local Democratic Executive Committee meeting. It was a very positive and energetic meeting, and our last before the midterms next month. All of our local candidates thanked our members for their hard work and we encouraged each other to keep working right up through the election.

I also got my flu shot. While that may not seem like political activism, it is. The CDC can’t predict the severity of flu viruses for a given season, but I’m still young and healthy enough that a typical flu virus shouldn’t be life-threatening. Even so, the CDC encourages everyone over age 6 to get vaccinated for the flu, to help build community (or “herd”) immunity. Simply, if I don’t get the flu, I can’t pass it on to my family, friends, neighbors, fellow activists, and other people I meet … and some of them may be at greater risk from even a typical flu virus.

If you haven’t yet, please get your flu shot. You can’t get the flu from the vaccination, and your flu shot will help protect your entire community … including the voters you’ll meet when you’re out canvassing for your local Democratic candidates. And yes, that was a hint….