If clickable listicles go viral then my listicle of clicable listicles should take over the internet. And that’s my plan…. (More)

One of the things I’ve learned in my research on 21st Century Political Nuttitude is that there’s lots of crap on the internet. And that doesn’t even count the reader comments, which I usually avoid because I can’t spend all day in the BPI hot tub faculty lounge squirrel bath. So I figure I’ll push all that crap aside by taking over the internet with this:

5 (Or Maybe 6) Clickable Listicles

1. 3 Things All Restaurants Should Stop Doing Now

I’m not sure if RB Bronson’s piece at the Huffington Post is a listicle. It has a listicle title but it doesn’t have a numbered list or photos. It may be a pseudicle, but that’s even less a word than listicle. Also, I had to read it twice to realize his first thing – asking if you want bottled or tap water and bringing bread only on request – was really his first two things. You can go click on it to see the third thing.

2. The 4 Stupidest Campaign Memes Of The 2014 Election

I’m pretty sure Dylan Scott’s piece at Talking Points Memo is a listicle. He doesn’t number the items but you can tell what they are. And there are no photos but there are embedded tweets and even some videos. Plus I agree the memes he lists are stupid and you will too when you click the link. This also let me use a cute animal photo, which is essential for taking over the internet, even if none of these other listicles have one.

3. 5 Reasons People Over 50 Should Love The Big iPhone

Back at the Huffington Post, Julio Ojeda-Zapata offers another no-photo listicle but he numbers the items so you can find them even if your cell phone has a small screen. In fact I may trade in my Blewberry for the new iHazPhone, if I can convince Mrs. Squirrel and Regis and Michelle and Nancy to help me carry it.

4. Everything you need to know about Obama’s executive action on immigration

I count Vox’s card stacks as listicles if they’re bundled together like this excellent stack by Dara Lind. There are 13 cards in the box on the left and each one is worth reading.

5. 30 Feminist Lessons in 30 Years

And finally there’s this wonderful listicle by Lindsay Menard-Freeman. What she says is really important. Plus she numbers the items and has photos and everything. And did I mention it’s really important? Oh, I did. Well it’s important enough to say twice.

So there are 4 clickable listicles if you count the first as a pseudicle, or 5 if you count it as a listicle. Plus this one, which you clicked already. Now move your cursor down and hit all those share buttons at least once, so I can take over the internet and push out all the crap.


Good day and good nuts