I am staying with my sister who has issues with certain foods, namely sulfates. I am doing most of the cooking. I have turned into a reader of food labels. It is not easy. (More)

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Both my sister and my cousin have had issues with microscopic colitis. I sent both of them a link to a Washington Post article about a woman who had “chronic digestive distress.”

Since I have something of a cast iron stomach, I struggled to be empathetic. They both learned a lot from reading the article.

The only chemistry I had was in high school. That was a while ago and it didn’t exactly prepare me to understand the food labels. I know enough to get that shopping the outer perimeter of the typical grocery store gives one fresher, healthier and mostly unprocessed food. Or better yet, shop at a farmer’s market or have a garden. I’m good with all kinds of fresh vegetable soups. Last week’s butternut squash soup was a hit.

Still, with all the cookbooks and guides to healthy eating should this be so hard? Should food be a cause of distress instead of fuel for our bodies?

During a gas crisis in the 80’s my sister-in-law had a diesel engine. She accidentally put regular gas in her car and trashed the engine. Then it was $800 for a new engine. This thing with foods stikes me as lots of people putting regular gas into a body made for diesel. Putting the wrong fuel into our bodies (think corn syrup) takes its toll.

France treats ADHD using nutrition as a component of treatment. In the US we just prescribe drugs. France has better results using less drugs. (That is a gross oversimplification but the nutritional point is valid.)

If we are what we eat, should it take an advanced degree in chemistry or food science to understand the labels on our foods? Really I think it should be simple to know what is in the package. I know at least two women whose lives would be more comfortable and who would feel better if this wasn’t so difficult.