I have been surrounded by my three grandkids since late Saturday afternoon. I have been thinking a lot about the process of civilizing our kids. Some “unacceptable behavior” in kids is in full display by adults. It is strange to say the least. (More)

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Two of the three are in gymnastics. The three year old goes in the morning with a bunch of other three-year-olds. They are all shapes and sizes; tall and short, thick and thin, comfortable in their bodies and not aware of what their limbs are doing. The process by which they hear or give a command to their body works well for some and not for others. The three-year-olds had the morning gym all to themselves.

In the late afternoon the gym probably has 250 to 300 kids in it. They are in groups but to look out at the scene is to see randomness and chaos. Kids are jumping, rolling, flipping, bouncing, climbing ropes, hanging from rings and running. As I was watching with other parents and non-participating siblings I was shaking my head. Wow! A father of one asked me what I thought. The first thing out of my mouth was, “This chaos and seemingly random nature reminds me of Congress.” Fortunately the dad was a fellow progressive.

He pointed out my six-year-old grandson who was more than halfway to the ceiling climbing a rope. Grandson let go and fell into the pit. “Just like the Republicans in 2012,” he said. “Every other week someone was their rising star and then fell. Actually, maybe we should turn Congress over to the gymnastics coaches. There is an order here. If you’d been coming for four years like I have, you’d see it. Congress is just chaos. These kids get teamwork and cheering for each other. A kid who makes it hard for another kid gets to sit out the rest of the session. Congress, not so much.”

I asked him if he intended to vote. He said yes and for Democrats. I asked him if he’d like to volunteer and he hesitated. I explained the DFL’s Voter Protection Project and he perked him. I emailed him the info and watched him sign up.

One more activist! One who understands teamwork and working to make what he believes in a reality.