The essence of the flying trapeze is that the flyer lets go of one bar before the next bar is within reach. The world is full of changes and many of us have let go of the security we once knew and hope another bar is coming. (More)

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If we were at the circus we would see a big smile on the flyer’s face. Confidence is everything in this performance. The artist has to look confident as he or she flies through the air and waits for the next bar. We would also see a safety net, literally, underneath the trapezes.

In the real world, many of us no longer expect the next bar to appear. How sad. Dreams have been scaled down and surviving has replaced the dreams of too many people. Some young people have decided not to be parents as a matter of personal preference and others have decided as a matter of economic necessity. So long as they have contraception they can make this choice. Thank you ACA!

Some of our young people have lucked out by now being in or close to their thirties. They got degrees and started careers before the Great Recession. Those under thirty are struggling. Those in college are either fortunate to have wealthy parents or are looking at enormous debts. Is the “next bar” really reachable with a college degree? What a gamble. If you are a college student piling up debts can you really ‘hang in there’ with confidence? And what is your safety net?

What are the safety nets in America and who can we count on to protect them? If you are phone banking or canvasing in the next 6 weeks, this may be the most important question you can ask. Too many people are one paycheck away from a hard, painful fall. Too many people are barely surviving. Too many who are doing well do not know the others who are not. Ask people, “Do you have a dream? Do you have a safety net? Who do you think will best protect your safety net and enable your dreams to come true?”