There’s a problem you care a lot about, and you want to see change. But change … where? (More)

Leveraging Change, Part I: Change Where?

This week Morning Feature looks at leveraging change to solve problems. Today we begin the question of where change would be most effective. Tomorrow we’ll ask what change would be most effective. Saturday we’ll conclude with how best to create the change we seek.

Beware of Goose

We’ve all had the experience of trying to get from Here to There and finding we’re at the wrong door:

Sometimes working for change feels the same way. It’s not always an attack goose. In fact, I’ve never met an attack goose. Regardless, you see a problem and it’s a problem that matters a lot to you, so you put on your Super Problem Solver outfit and see a door and start pushing and….


Not My Job

Finally you get to someone who says “Oh, a log is out in the traffic lane? We’ll take care of it.” Uh huh:

Or someone who is most interesting and offers supportive words:

But help ? Not so much. And it seems like the bigger the organization….

Push Here

If only problems had buttons to push and easy instructions:

Instead of this …

… again and again, until you’re ready for this:

Keep Looking

Or, if we have lots of energy and persistence, we keep looking:

And looking:

And looking:

What Change Feels Like

We keep hoping for this:

But usually running into this:

And there’s a lesson in that:

But it could have been so much easier if we’d just started at the right door:

Or maybe not.


Happy Thursday!