I am not talking about baby bibs or the plastic bibs given adults at Italian restaurants or to those eating lobsters. We need drive through bibs. (More)

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I am not a big drive through customer. When I am driving on a road trip, I am a drive through customer. Otherwise, not so much. My small town in Northern Minnesota only has a Dairy Queen drive through. I don’t do DQ. Trying to eat in the car, invariably I end up spilling and more often than not the spill involves mustard. Mustard stains. Mustard stains big time. Most drive throughs from my limited experience offer small brown recycled paper napkins. They do not begin to cover a lap let alone the upper body front that spills also hit on the way to my lap.

On my four and a half hour trip down to the twin cities, I hit a drive through each way. On the way south I managed to eat with no problem. On the way back a squirt of mustard ended up on my clean jeans. It bounced off my T-shirt. Darn!

There is an answer to this problem. We need adult bibs. Good sized bibs that cover me from my chin to my knees. I’m fine if they are washable bibs, but I’d also be fine with disposable ones. I got the mustard out of my jeans but the T-shirt is toast. It’s a shame. A bib, or even bigger and better napkins, would be ideal.

Hello drive through restaurants … after you figure out how to pay your workers a living wage, say $10/hour, could you please put bibs on the list?