The resident faculty left a scary photo outside the mail room this morning. We hope it was just a clue…. (More)

First our thanks to last week’s writers:

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Note: Please share your stories of offline political activism in Things We Did This Week.


Thus we return to the scary photo left outside the mail room as the resident faculty made their way from the wine cellar library where they spent the weekend drinking thinking on our motto of Magis vinum, magis verum (“More wine, more truth”) to the hot tub faculty lounge for their weekly game where the underwear goes flying planning conference:

“Oh dear, he looks frightened,” Chef said as she brought out the decoder ring:

 photo SquirrelPecanRing.jpeg

The Squirrel tapped at his Blewberry as Chef scraped stray pecans into his bowl. “I thought he was imitating a squirrel eating.”

“Nope,” the Professor of Astrology Janitor said. “He looks scared.”

“Hrmm,” the Squirrel texted. “Maybe he’s a cop.”

“Uhh, what?” Chef asked as she slid his bowl across the table.

The Squirrel nibbled a pecan and tapped at his Blewberry. “Well, the resident faculty were talking about how cops insist they risk their lives every day, even though data show law enforcement isn’t even in the top 10 most dangerous jobs. In fact, fewer cops died in the line of duty last year than any year since 1959, and almost half of them died in traffic accidents. Only 33 were killed by gunfire, the fewest since 1887.”

“But it’s not just cops who say that,” Chef said. “Everyone talks about how dangerous police work is. And look at the news. An officer was killed in Minnesota last month, and a police chief was killed in Texas just last week.”

“True,” the Squirrel texted. “And the CDC estimates that 1492 loggers die each year in workplace accidents.”

“Wow,” Chef said. “That’s an average of four loggers killed every day. I would never have guessed it was that many.”

The Squirrel tapped his Blewberry. “And this week the resident faculty will explore why you would never have guessed.”


Happy Monday!