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Yekuno Amlak restored Ethiopia’s Solomonic Dynasty after the 100-year Zagwe Interregnum today (1270). Also, Ferdinand Magellan’s five ships set sail from Seville to circumnavigate the globe (1519), the foundation stone was laid for London’s Royal Greenwich Observatory (1675), the Musée du Louvre opened in Paris (1793), Chile’s Instituto Nacional was founded (1813), Missouri became our 24th state (1821), Congress chartered the Smithsonian Institution (1846), Stavanger, Norway’s Viking FK football club was formed (1899), the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers began the U.S. Steel Recognition Strike (1901), the Archie meteorite landed in Cass County, Missouri (1932), Candid Camera debuted on TV (1948), President Harry Truman signed the National Security Act Amendment that established the Department of Defense (1949), the groundbreaking ceremony for the Saint Lawrence Seaway was held at Massena, New York (1954), Leno and Rosemary LaBianca were murdered by followers of Charles Manson (1969), the Society for American Baseball Research is founded in Cooperstown, New York (1971), David Berkowitz was arrested for the “Son of Sam” murders (1977), President Ronald Reagan signed the Civil Liberties Act awarding $20,000 reparation payments to Japanese Americans who were interned or relocated during World War II (1988), the Magellan space probe reached Venus (1990), Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were indicted for the Oklahoma City Bombing (1995), 252 people were killed when Angolan rebels derailed a train and shot the escaping passengers (2001), Kent recorded a record high temperature in England at 101.3°F, on the same day Yuri Malenchenko became the first person to be married in space (2003), and 20 people died in an explosion at Slovakia’s Handlová coal mine (2009). And the Marikana Miners’ Strike began in Rustenberg, South Africa (2012).


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