I have decided to up my chocolate indulgence in the face of the news. I wonder if I could send the bill to my health insurance company. Or maybe I could bill SCOTUS since they are the source of most of my stress.(More)

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I only pay attention to the studies that point out the health benefits of chocolate. This post is 100% pro-chocolate. WedMD titles their page Health By Chocolate.

So here’s Health by Chocolate Rule of Thumb #1: The more nonfat cocoa solids a chocolate product contains, the more antioxidants it tends to contribute.

So here’s Health by Chocolate Rule of Thumb #2: If the chocolate contains fat ingredients other than cocoa butter, it might contain the more harmful saturated fats and trans fats, rather than stearic acid.

Chocolate is good for your heart, it may lower your blood pressure, it may improve arterial blood flow and it may help with chronic fatigue. I would add that chocolate is the prefect remedy for the day’s news. I prefer dark chocolate and no nuts. I like nuts but I like my chocolate plain. Your mileage may differ.

Here is a slide show on the History of Chocolate and a Guide for diabetics and Chocolate.

While I can keep making my phone calls to boost voter turnout, I can’t do much to change the yucky, sucky news from around the world and especially from Washington, D.C. I can treat myself with chocolate. I can even tell myself that it is healthy. It makes me smile. I also eat chocolate when the news is good!