I have to ask a very basic question of Republicans. What are you for? (More)

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Reading the news I can easily see what you are against. If a Democrat proposes anything you are against it. This is especially true if the Democrat is President Obama. You are opposed to acknowledging climate change let alone dealing with it. You are against regulations that protect all of us from air and water pollution. You are against feeding the hungry, providing health care for the sick and public schools. You are against working people making a living wage and God forbid helping the unemployed. You are against paying Social Security and Medicare to seniors. You are against the wealthiest and the corporations paying anything resembling a fair share of taxes. Heck you were even against funding the National Weather Service. You are against any kind of sensible gun regulations. You are against immigration reform. You have become the party of “Just Say No” Nancy Reagan.

What are you for? In the past week the news would say that you are for more and bigger wars just about anywhere in the world that we could possibly invade. You were for repealing the Affordable Care Act. (By the way, thanks for renaming it Obamacare so he will actually get credit for championing it.) You are for the government telling women what they can and cannot do with their bodies never mind what their doctors say. You are for the National Rifle Association and nutty gun owners.

Fear and war can only go so far as a message. Keep this up and eventually you won’t be a national party anymore.