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Assyrians recorded a solar eclipse, fixing a cardinal reference date for Mesopotamian history, today (763 BCE). Also, England’s King John put his seal on the Magna Carta (1215), Diego López V de Haro founded the city of Bilbao, Spain (1300), Christopher Columbus landed on Martinique (1502), Leo X issued the papal bull Exsurge Domine threatening to excommunicate Martin Luther (1520), Spain’s Phillip II declared William the Silent an outlaw (1580), Margaret Jones was hanged in Boston, the first execution for witchcraft in the Massachusetts Bay Colony (1648), Jean-Baptiste Denys performed the first human blood transfusion (1667), tradition holds that Benjamin Franklin proved that lightning is electricity (1752), George Washington was appointed to command the Continental Army (1775), Delaware voted to suspend British government and separate from Pennsylvania (1776), Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier and Pierre Romain became the first recorded air fatalities when their hot air balloon exploded over the English Channel (1785), New Hampshire became the 13th state to approve the Twelfth Amendment, meeting the three-fourths requirement for ratification (1804), Arkansas became our 25th state (1836), Charles Goodyear patented his rubber vulcanization process (1844), the Oregon Treaty established the 49th Parallel as the U.S.-Canadian border from the Rocky Mountains to the Strait of Juan de Fuca (1846), though the border was disputed in the bloodless, except for the pig, Pig War (1859), Secretary of War Edwin Stanton set aside 200 acres in Arlington, Virginia, formerly owned by Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, to be used as a military cemetery (1864), Alexander Aiken, John Pearson, and Jonas Stough named the Atlantic Cable Quartz Lode gold mine in Montana (1867), Henry Ossian Flipper became the first black cadet to graduate from West Point (1877), Eadweard Muybridge took a series of photographs of a running horse to prove that all four feet leave the ground in a full gallop, the photographs that inspired motion pictures (1878), Wilhelm II became Kaiser upon the death of his father Frederick III, whose father Wilhelm I had died earlier in Germany’s Year of the Three Kaisers (1888), 22,000 people died as a magnitude 8.5 earthquake struck off the cost of Honshū, triggering the deadliest tsunami in Japanese history (1896), 1000 people died as a fire swept through the SS General Slocum on New York City’s East River (1904), England, Australia, and South Africa formed the Imperial Cricket Conference (1909), President Woodrow Wilson signed the bill incorporating the Boy Scouts of America (1916), John Alcock and Arthur Brown landed in Clifton, Ireland to complete the first non-stop transatlantic flight (1919), Congress established the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (1934), a German expedition led by Karl Wien lost sixteen members in an avalanche on Nanga Parbat, the deadliest single disaster on an Eight-thousander (1937), the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation party under Tommy Douglas won the Saskatchewan elections, forming the first socialist government in North America (1944), the General Dutch Youth League or ANJV was founded in Amsterdam (1945), the Union of European Football Associations or UEFA was founded in Basel, Switzerland (1954), Charles Manson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Charles Watson went on trial for the Tate-LaBianca murders (1970), German police captured Red Army Faction co-founder Ulrike Meinhof (1972), Jordan’s King Hussein married American Lisa Halaby, who took the name Queen Noor (1978), a vandal slashed and threw acid on Rembrandt’s painting Danaë (1985), over 800 people would die as the Philippines’ Mount Pinatubo erupted (1991), the U.S. Supreme Court held in U.S. v. Álvarez-Machaín that the U.S. can forcibly extradite suspects for trial without agreement from the host country (1992), Israel and the Vatican established full diplomatic relations (1994), China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan formed the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (2001), and Nik Wallenda became the first person to successfully walk a tightrope across Niagara Falls (2012). And 26 people died as a bomb exploded on a bus in Quetta, Pakistan (2013).


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