I need ideas for a way to help campers not walk into the awning braces on my camper. I am a summer campground host in the Superior National Forest. I love my campers. They are for the most part really cool folks. (More)

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The awning on my camper is usually extended. I spend the evening “check in time” sitting on a lawn chair watching the road for arriving campers. I may be reading or knitting but I drop what I am doing to greet them. They are for the most part excited to be starting either a camping vacation or a trip into the BWCA, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area wilderness. They greet me as they walk toward me with questions. In some cases, who knows why, they are so into their vacation state of mind and the meet and greet that they don’t notice the braces holding up my awning.

I have tried colored flags like car lots display. I have tried lights hanging off the braces. I have said, “Watch your head!” This is my seventh year at this campground. I have had repeat head/awning bonkers. I am at a loss for ideas to prevent this.

This year I am trying out the idea of a barrier under the awning. I got two delightfully tacky pink plastic flamingos at Home Depot. Note: I wanted the flamingoes anyway and this became my justification.

I plan to put some potted herbs or even tomatoes between them. I have had a couple pots there in years past but not really what one would think of as a barrier of plants. I have watched people step around the plants and not duck for the awning braces.

In the busiest part of the summer this happens at least twice a week. No one has been seriously injured but the head/awning contact does make a big noise.

Someone should study this. There has to be a way to nudge campers to not walk into a piece of metal at eye level. Because of the connections for electric and water I can’t change how my camper is parked. That would be easy but there is also the uneven ground that doesn’t make this ideal.

All ideas are welcome!