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Julian of Norwich had the visions later transcribed in her Revelations of Divine Love today (1373). Also, Delhi’s iconic Red Fort was completed (1648), Russian and French mediators negotiated an end to the War of Bavarian Succession at the Congress of Teschen (1779), 256 colonists in Tennessee signed the Cumberland Compact (1780), Arthur Phillip set sail from Portsmouth with the 11-ship “First Fleet” carrying prisoners to found a penal colony in Australia (1787), Ecuador gained independence (1830), Maamme, Finland’s national anthem, was performed for the first time (1848), Victoria issued a “proclamation of neutrality” whereby Britain implicitly recognized the Confederacy, on the same day John Tebbutt spotted the Great Comet officially designated C/1861 J1, and the same day Pakistan’s first railway line opened from Karachi to Kotri (1861), escaping slave Robert Smalls piloted the CSS Planter through Confederate lines and into Union hands, for which he would later be honored as the first black to command a U.S. Navy vessel (1862), Thomas Edison tested his electric railway in Menlo Park, New Jersey (1880), Brazil’s Lei Áurea abolished slavery (1888), Britain’s Royal Flying Corps, now the Royal Air Force, was founded (1912), three Portuguese children reported the first apparition of Our Lady of Fátima (1917), newly-chosen Prime Minister Winston Churchill gave his “Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat” speech to the House of Commons, on the same day Wilhelmina left the Netherlands to establish her government-in-exile in London (1940), the last German and Italian forces in North Africa surrendered (1943), the Indian Parliament’s upper house, the Rajya Sabha, convened for the first time (1952), The Pajama Game opened on Broadway (1954), “Velcro” was trademarked, on the same day Ben Carlin completed his 10-year round-the-world voyage in an amphibious vehicle (1958), the arrest of 31 protesters at U-Cal Berkeley marked the start of the Free Speech Movement (1960), the U.S. Supreme Court held in Brady v. Maryland that prosecutors could not withhold relevant evidence from the defense (1963), an estimated 600 people died as riots erupted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1969), 118 people died as a fire swept through the Playtown Cabaret in Osaka, Japan (1972), 5 people died as an F3 tornado struck Kalamazoo, Michigan (1980), John Paul II was shot in St. Peter’s Square (1981), 11 people died and a city block burned after Philadelphia police dropped an incendiary bomb on the MOVE headquarters (1985), Johnny Carson made his last television appearance (1994), Alison Hargreaves became the first woman to summit Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen or Sherpa guides (1995), 600 people died as a tornado struck Bangladesh (1996), an estimated 1000 people died as rioting erupted in Jakarta, Indonesia (1998), 22 people died as a fireworks factory exploded in Enschede, the Netherlands (2000), at least 200 and as many as 1500 people were killed when Uzbek troops opened fire on protesters in Andijan, on the same day the Bính Bridge opened in Hai Phong, Vietnam (2005), and 80 people were killed when 9 bombs exploded in Jaipur, India (2008). And 98 people were killed when 2 bombs exploded at a police station in the Charsadda District of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province (2011).


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