Hillary Clinton wrote a book with that title and it addressed raising children. Someone needs to write the book about aging parents. I’m thinking we also require a village to care for us.(More)

Midday Matinee is our people watching, people doing and people being feature. Join the Woodland Creatures for an afternoon break.

I have a ten year old RV. I am reasonably handy and have just enough tools to handle most things. Some things I have to go to a dealer for. The dealer fixed the wiring that a too close lightening strike fried and I was so glad I had a whole house surge protector. Otherwise I might not be here writing this. The wiring fried right up to the surge protector and stopped.

I parked too close to my sister’s basketball hoop and gashed the roof. I covered it with tape and duct tape and it never leaked but it needed fixing before it really grew. My Mother’s Day gift from my youngest son was a fiberglass patch. He must have spent an hour scrubbing the adhesive residue off and muttering about the evils of duct tape. It was a repair I was uncomfortable making and my villager pitched in admirably. I needed a new engine battery and he pulled the old one out and installed the new one. He has plugged my car in to make sure the towing lights were all working. He’d already rewired some part of that when it broke. He’s very handy.

My oldest son has a better collection of sockets than I do. He was able to get the drain plug reinserted into the hot water heater for me. He also lent his driveway for all this activity. He took a look at the molding down the back that I had kissed a tree with. He said, “I think that’ll have to be replaced.”That’s kind of what I was thinking. Younger son who is more able to appreciate my limited resources got a ladder and a 2″ x 4” and hammered it out. It isn’t perfect but it’s good enough.

Saturday’s lesson was that it really does take a village to navigate life today. We all need each other to get through life. My grandkids even got into the act with the hose telling me my RV was dirty and they would help clean it. Having a village is a good thing and I am a lucky Mom.