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This week I attended my local Democratic Executive Committee meeting, where we were pleased to learn that both of our Democratic candidates for the Florida House have gathered enough petitions to qualify for the November ballot. Our county commission and school board races are county-wide and candidates need three times as many petitions to qualify, but our candidates for those races are on pace to make their targets, with the help of weekly petition drives by our DEC members.

This is a critical task too often overlooked by online activists. Please contact your county elections office and ask for a list of Democrats who have filed to run for elections in your area. Then contact those candidates and ask how you can help them qualify for the ballot. If they have already qualified, ask how you can help with voter outreach. And of course, please contact your state Democratic Party and ask for contact information on your local DEC and Democratic Clubs in your area. National and state Democratic Party organizations are focused on grassroots, person-to-person outreach to make up for the GOP’s cash advantage. We can’t out-spend Republicans, but we can out-work them … with your help.