You may have read about a new security bug called Heartbleed. 66% of the sites have a problem. I wish there was a colored coded system like Homeland Security used to have. I can’t tell whether the sky is falling, has fallen or might fall. Damn.(More)

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The Huffington Post featured the story under the title “Critical Security Bug ‘Heartbleed’ Hits Up To 66 Percent Of The Internet.” In the vein of if it bleeds, it leads there is an outline of a heart dripping blood. Okay, they have my attention.

Towards the end of the story is a link where you can go to check out sites to see if they are safe. Oddly yesterday HuffPo did not pass the test. I can’t figure out what exactly a person is supposed to do. I am feeling cybernaked.

Since the Target data breach my bank sent me a new debit card. I’ve gotten new credit cards twice in the last couple of years because someone stole my number. Fortunately I haven’t shopped at Neiman Marcus as I understand they got hacked also. I bought into the convenience of plastic. When I do have to write a check I have to stop and think about it. I don’t carry much cash. I made the transition like any good sheep would.

Now the internet is messed up just as I have made it my primary source of information and communication. Don’t any of the people who do websites for a living think of this stuff? A five year old kid hacked Microsoft’s Xbox password system. Maybe we should rethink child labor laws and let internet companies hire more kids.

I suppose trust is a quaint outdated concept. It left the building right behind privacy and manners. Naive me. I kind of do trust the internet, not all the content but the system itself. The issue used to be did it work and why was it so slow. Now the issue is who is stalking me and why ever would they want to be me. I don’t know whether to worry more about the NSA or the Russian hackers or smart five year olds. We need a good conspiracy theory for this situation. How did hackers discover that I was using the name of my long dead cat as a password? And if I’m supposed to be changing passwords again and often, I am out of names of dead pets already. Help!