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This week I joined a team of 14 Democratic candidates and party volunteers to gather candidate petitions at a county parade. We split into teams and canvassed the route for two hours before the parade, which drew a crowd estimated at 80,000. We don’t yet have totals for the entire team, but my partner and I each gathered dozens petitions for each of our three candidates. It was a wonderful, sunny day and my partner and I did not get a single rude response. Most of the Democrats we talked to signed petitions, as did many Republicans. One young Marine veteran said he would not vote for Democrats but they deserved to be on the ballot … and he signed petitions for all three of our candidates.

Petition drives are among the most important efforts of local Democratic Party groups. In most states, aspiring candidates must submit hundreds or thousands of voter petitions to qualify for local races, and more for statewide races. There may be candidates in your area who are now trying to qualify, and they need your help. It seems too basic to mention, but voters can’t vote for Democrats unless Democrats are on the ballot. Please do your part to give voters that choice.