You’ve heard the phrase, “That was then, this is now?” Life has been teaching me the relevance of that phrase in new ways. (More)

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My oldest son posted a C.S. Lewis quote on Facebook. It said, “Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different.” At 67 I can look back on some days where everything changed. Personally, the birth of each of my sons changed everything. The births of my grandkids also changed things. There are of course big examples like the attacks of 9/11 but I am more focused on the personal.

My body has been relatively speaking an easy one to live in. This is more the result of some genetic gifts than any obsession with fitness on my part. I have noticed that some actions that I didn’t used to think about at all now require thought on my part. I used to twist in the driver’s seat to reach for something in the back seat. I can still do this but not with the speed of execution that used to be normal. Doing this move too quickly now gives me a noticeable twinge. Maybe I shouldn’t have quit golfing.

I have a pretty strong back. A week ago I moved several boxes of books for a friend. After 3 or 4 boxes I remembered the advice to “lift with the legs.” I moved the boxes without any OTC pain relievers. My friend has back problems. We were talking the other day about things we used to do without thinking about them. Repeatedly lifting 30 pound toddlers was mentioned.

Now, everything is different. Speaking about our backs and twisting moves had us saying in unison, “That was then, this is now.”