I terms of stuff, I have a relatively simple life. My stuff doesn’t own me, if it ever did. In my pared down state I have lost two things in the last week. What’s up?

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In the last week I have lost part of a necklace and one small silver hoop earring. The earring was neither expensive nor sentimentally valuable but it is gone. Having one earring is a bit like having one mitten or one glove having lost the other. Should I keep the one I have in hopes that the missing one will magically reappear? For how long? For some reason I usually lose the right hand glove. Having two lefts doesn’t lend itself to the mix and match strategy. I suppose I could start mixing earrings but it just feels weird.

I went through a phase of losing umbrellas some time back. At least I lost the whole umbrella and wasn’t faced with how long to keep the handle in case the top reappeared. It is definitely better to misplace one whole thing than part of a pair. Losing part of a pair is a bit like being divorced. The partner is out there somewhere but no longer with you.

The second thing I lost has more sentimental value. It is newly lost so it may yet be found. My kids gave me a silver necklace with an oak tree, an acorn and a piece that said Nana all hanging on the same chain. I got a lot of compliments when I wore it and it made me happy when I put it on. The nana piece has gone missing. At least now I am crawling around looking for two small silver things. I went off and cleaned and vacuumed my car which needed it anyway, a side benefit of my search.

I am superstitious enough to think this losing stuff may just happen in threes. It would be really satisfying to just lose the other earring.