Sometimes being a parent of a toddler can be exhausting. We think that when they are adults it will be so much easier. If you are a parent of young kids, you should probably stop reading right now. It gets different but it doesn’t get easier. (More)

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A parent never stops loving their kids or wanting the best for them. I believe that to be true for most parents although there are exceptions. Much of what happens to little ones can be fixed with a hug and a band-aid. We try to keep them loved, safe, rested and well-fed and then to help them explore the world. By the time our kids are adults they can do most of those things for themselves.

I am acutely aware that the world I grew up in and worked in was in many ways magical. College was affordable. Unions still provided middle class jobs. Jobs were plentiful. Promotions came along with pay raises that could be counted on. Our jobs weren’t in danger of being outsourced. CEOs made 20 times the average workers salary and not 400 or 500 times. Mass layoffs didn’t happen often. We didn’t worry about our jobs being outsourced. Health care was affordable. Teenagers worked at fast food jobs but not their parents or grandparents. The ‘American Dream’ seemed achievable.

To be the parent of adult kids now means hearing that their pay has been slashed and/or their hours. It means hearing that they are facing foreclosure. It means hearing that they have been laid off. It is a test for us on how to be supportive and encouraging when we know what the economy is like. We know that the rules we played under are not the rules they are playing with. We can hope that they will land on their feet but don’t want to give them false hope. We can hope that while they were young we gave them a sense of resiliency. Other than love it may be the best thing we could have given them. We can hope that they land on their feet. We can listen and hug them but there are no band-aides for some of their problems.

It is one thing to be awaken by a hungry baby in the middle of the night. It is a harder thing to lay awake at night hoping, just wishing and hoping that your adult kid will be okay. If this is you I offer you hugs. Great big enveloping hugs because I have been where you are. It sucks.