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Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I ordered that Greek Orthodox clergy in Transylvania would have the same privileges as Roman Catholic clergy today (1699). Also, the Studebaker brothers founded their wagon company (1852), the silver Trade Dollar coin became legal tender (1874), the Canadian Parliament incorporated the Canadian Pacific Railway (1881), Lithuania declared independence (1918), Howard Carter opened Tutankhamen’s burial chamber (1923), Wallace Carothers patented nylon (1937), Britain ended the “Toddler’s Truce” that prohibited TV broadcasts from 6-7pm (1959), Fidel Castro became Premier of Cuba (1960), the DuSable Museum of African American History was chartered (1961), 315 people died as the North Sea Flood struck West Germany (1962), the first 911 emergency telephone service opened in Haleyville, Alabama (1968), Chicago’s CBBS opened as the world’s first public computer bulletin board system (1978), 75 people died as the Ash Wednesday Bushfires struck Victoria and South Australia (1983), Hezbollah was founded (1985), the Kyoto Protocol took effect, on the same day the National Hockey League canceled the entire season and playoffs due to a labor dispute (2005), and the U.S. Army decommissioned the last Mobile Army Surgical Hospital or MASH unit (2006). And 110 people were killed when a bomb exploded in Quetta, Pakistan (2013).


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