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Snow and ice storm lands deadly punch on U.S. South, East Coast

(Reuters) – A deadly winter storm gripped the southeastern United States on Wednesday, crippling travel, grounding flights, knocking out power to 363,000 customers and encasing magnolia and palmetto trees in ice.

Internet governance too US-centric, says European Commission

The mass surveillance carried out by the US National Security Agencymeans that governance of the internet has to be made more international and less dominated by America, the European Union‘s executive has declared.

Lethal injection drug blocked by judge

A US federal judge has temporarily blocked an Oklahoma compounding pharmacy from selling a drug to the Missouri department of corrections for use in an upcoming execution.

Nuclear fusion breakthrough raises hopes for ultimate green energy source

US researchers have achieved a world first in an ambitious experiment that aims to recreate the conditions at the heart of the sun and pave the way for nuclear fusion reactors.

NSA actions pose ‘direct threat to journalism’ leading watchdog warns

The National Security Agency’s dragnet of communications data poses a direct threat to journalism in the digital age by threatening to destroy the confidence between reporter and source on which most investigations depend, one of the world’s leading journalism watchdogs has warned.

Jade Rabbit lunar rover alive after all, says China

China’s troubled Jade Rabbit lunar rover has come back to life, a day after it was declared dead from a combination of mechanical troubles and extreme cold on the moon, according to state media.

Twenty-eight killed in 44 US school shootings since Newtown, study finds

Gun violence is erupting in America’s schools and colleges at a rate of more than three incidents a month, with 13 school shootings recorded in the first six weeks of 2014 alone, a new study on the impact of gun violence since the Newtown tragedy shows.

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