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China, Taiwan agree to open officers after historic talks

(Reuters) – China and Taiwan, at odds for more than six decades, agreed at historic talks on Tuesday to set up representative offices as early as possible, though sensitive political issues like a formal peace treaty were not up for discussion.

Washington state to suspend death penalty by governor’s moratorium

The governor of Washington state has suspended the use of the death penalty for the rest of his time in office.

Aid workers in Homs race to evacuate civilians before Syrian ceasefire ends

Humanitarian agencies are engaged in a desperate scramble to evacuate hundreds of civilians – including terrified and malnourished children, the elderly, the sick and the injured – from the besieged Old City of Homs before a temporary ceasefire expires on Wednesday.

US House votes to raise government debt ceiling until March 2015

Republican leaders backed away from a risky fiscal confrontation with the White House on Tuesday, relying almost entirely on votes from their Democratic opponents to pass a bill to increase the debt ceiling.

Eric Holder calls on states to restore voting rights to former prison inmates

Attorney general Eric Holder on Tuesday urged states to restore voting rights to former prison inmates, an issue he said primarily affects African Americans.

New welfare guides for Qatar World Cup workers only apply to stadiums

The organising committee for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has promised that contractors who build its stadiums will be held to high standards on the welfare of migrant workers, in the wake of trenchant and sustained criticism.

NBC’s Tom Brokaw Diagnosed With Cancer

Longtime NBC News correspondent Tom Brokaw was diagnosed with cancer in August, NBCannounced Tuesday.

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