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Sergius III returned from retirement reclaim the papacy from deposed antipope Christopher today (904). Also, Stamford Raffles landed on the island of Singapore (1819), the New York Evening Mirror published Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” (1845), Victoria authorized the British award for military valor that bears her name (1856), Kansas became our 34th state (1861), Karl Benz patented the first gasoline-driven automobile (1886), 8 teams founded Major League Baseball’s American League (1900), Kansas’ Charles Curtis became the first Native American to serve in the U.S. Senate (1907), the Baseball Hall of Fame announced their first 5 inductees (1936), the Pro Football Hall of Fame announced their first 15 inductees (1963), French President Jacques Chirac declared a definitive end to his nation’s nuclear weapons testing, on the same day a fire destroyed Venice’s La Fenice Opera House (1996), a police officer and part-time clinic guard was killed and a nurse critically injured when a bomb exploded at a Birmingham, Alabama women’s health clinic (1998), President George W. Bush declared Iraq, Iran, and North Korea to be the “Axis of Evil” in his State of the Union Address (2002), and the first direct commercial flights in 56 years were opened between China and Taiwan (2005). And Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was removed from office following his conviction on corruption charges (2009).


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