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Having waiting three days outside the gates in a blizzard, Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV was admitted to see Pope Gregory VII and his excommunication lifted, ending his Walk to Canossa, today (1077). Also, the Diet of Worms began (1521), Henry VIII died and his 9-year-old son Edward VI became England’s first Protestant-born king (1547), the Warsaw Confederation granted religious freedom to nobles and freemen in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1573), Thomas Warner founded Saint Kitts, Britain’s first Caribbean colony (1624), Peter the Great founded the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, now the Russian Academy of Sciences (1724), Benning Wentworth founded the town of Pownall, Vermont as one of the New Hampshire Grants (1760), Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice was published in Britain (1813), Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen and Mikhail Petrovich Lazarev sighted the continent of Antarctica (1820), a year to the day before Bellingshausen discovered Alexander Island (1821), Illinois’ Northwestern University was chartered (1851), a locomotive on the Panama Railway made the first Atlantic-to-Pacific run (1855), the Yale Daily News debuted as the nation’s first daily college newspaper (1878), still-record snowflakes of 15″ in diameter in 8″ in thickness were reported in Fort Keogh, Montana (1887), Walter Arnold of East Peckham was fined 1 shilling for driving at 8mph, well over England’s 2mph speed limit, in the world’s first conviction for speeding (1896), the Carnegie Institution of Washington, D.C. was founded (1902), U.S. troops left Cuba, except for a single base at Guantanamo Bay (1909), Congress created the U.S. Coast Guard as a branch of the armed services (1915), San Francisco’s iconic municipal steetcars began operation (1917), 98 people died when Washington D.C.’s Knickerbocker Theatre collapsed under 28″ of snow dumped by what came to be known as the Knickerbocker Storm (1922), Choudhry Rahmat Ali proposed the name Pakistan for the Muslim areas of what was then India (1933), the U.S.’s first ski tow began operating in Vermont (1934), Iceland became the first Western country to legalize abortion (1935), Elvis Presley made his TV debut (1956), the Lego Company patented their first toy bricks, which are still compatible with Lego bricks made today (1958), the Parliament of Canada adopted the current Maple Leaf Flag (1965), the Great Lakes Blizzard struck upstate New York and Ontario (1977), CBS News Sunday Morning premiered with host Charles Kuralt (1979), 28 Coast Guard crewmen died when the cutter Blackthorn collided with the tanker Capricorn in the mouth of Tampa Bay (1980), 214 people died as Tropical Storm Domoina struck Mozanbique (1984), USA for Africa recorded We Are the World to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia (1985), 7 crew members died when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after liftoff (1986), the Supreme Court of Canada struck down all abortion laws in R. v. Morgentaler (1988), 92 people died when TAME Flight 120 crashed into the Colombian Andes (2002), and 65 people died when heavy snow collapsed the roof of a building at the Katowice International Fair in Chorzów/Katowice, Poland (2006). And Bangladesh executed the five assassins of President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (2010).


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