Outside the mail room the resident faculty left what they claimed was a quote by Irish philosopher Rick O’Shae: “Fwish zing thubbathubba.”

The staff are confident it was a clue. (More)

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Thus we return to the quote left outside the mail room by the resident faculty, as they made their way from the wine cellar library where they spent the weekend drinking thinking on our motto of Magis vinum, magis verum (“More wine, more truth”) to the hot tub faculty lounge for their weekly game where the underwear goes flying planning conference:

Fwish zing thubbathubba.

The resident faculty note explained that this was “a quote from the famous Irish philosopher Rick O’Shae.” As no one on the staff knows Gaeilge, nor had any of us heard of O’Shae, we knew this clue might take some time to untangle. Fortunately, Chef was prepared:

 photo SquirrelPecanRing.jpeg

As Chef scraped some stray pecans into a bowl, the Squirrel got busy on his Blewberry. A few minutes later he texted his initial findings:

“I Googled [Rick O’Shae] and found a few hits, but none were Irish philosophers.”

“Why are we not surprised?” your lowly mail room clerk pondered aloud.

“Also,” the Squirrel texted, “I chittered ‘Fwish zing thubbathubba’ to a squirrel friend in Ireland. She replied ‘Cad a luchtú de cac.'”

“I see,” Chef said. “And what does that mean?”

The Squirrel nicked a pecan from his bowl and nibbled before texting. “I asked her that very question. She said it meant ‘What a load of’ … excrement. I think that’s Irish for ‘What utter nonsense.'”

“So it would seem,” the Professor of Astrology Janitor agreed.

The Squirrel tapped at his Blewberry again. “Plus she’s never heard of Rick O’Shae. She lives in a tree behind the Newman Building at the University College of Dublin, which houses their College of Human Sciences, which includes their School of Philosophy, right next to the James Joyce Library. So I think she would know.”

“So we’re nowhere,” Chef said.

“Da klew makez purrfekt sense 2 me,” Pootie the Precious texted on her iHazPhone. “It lookz like LOLCat. U haz to sai it out lowd.”

The staff did, in unison. “Rick O’Shae. Fwish zing thubbathubba.”

Chef looked at Pootie the Precious. “So this week the resident faculty will ricochet, bouncing fwish zing thubba thubba around the news?”

“Ai think so,” she texted. “Duz dat meen ai get noms now?”

Chef scratched between Pootie the Precious’ ears. “Definitely.”

Pootie the Precious thought that was … purrfekt.


Good morning! ::hugggggs::