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Gunman among three dead in shooting at Maryland’s Mall in Columbia

Three people died in a shooting at the Mall in Columbia, a large shopping centre outside Baltimore, on Saturday. Police said one of the three people killed in the shooting, which happened at a skate store called Zumiez, was the gunman.

Brazil: anti-World Cup protesters clash with police after Sao Paulo rally

Violence flared on the streets of Sao Paulo on Saturday after more than a 1,000 demonstrators protested in against Brazil’s hosting of the football World Cup later this year.

Yanukovich offers opposition leaders top posts in attempt to defuse stand-off

The Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovich, has offered two opposition leaders top government posts on Saturday, the presidential website said on Saturday, after the two sides met for talks aimed at seeking an end to a violent political crisis.

What’s The Matter With Texas? Anti-Choice Law At Its Worst

“Macabre” seems somehow inadequate to describe what’s been going on in Texas. “Horrifying,” “insulting,” and “beyond Kafkaesque” also fall short.

White House Enlists ‘West Wing’ Stars For ‘Big Block Of Cheese Day’ (Video)

Fans of NBC’s ‘The West Wing,’ rejoice. The White House on Friday brought on stars Joshua Malina and Bradley Whitford to introduce a “Big Block of Cheese Day” in order to expand access to administration officials with the aid of social media.

Supreme Court Halts Birth Control Rule For ‘Little Sisters’ Group

The Supreme Court on Friday extended a reprieve from Obamacare’s birth control rule for a group of nuns in Colorado who charged that the religious accommodation wasn’t good enough and violated their religious liberty.

Twenty-nine dead in clashes on anniversary of Egypt uprising

(Reuters) – Twenty-nine people were killed during anti-government marches on Saturday while thousands rallied in support of the army-led authorities, underlining Egypt’s volatile political fissures three years after the fall of autocrat President Hosni Mubarak.

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