One of the benefits of handmade clothing is that you can adjust the fit perfectly to the wearer. I am discovering that even scarves are not one size fits all.(More)

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If you go to buy a scarf in a store you choose from whatever is available. Oh you may try on a particular scarf and wish it was longer or shorter but basically one chooses from the available merchandize. Scarves are viewed as a one size fits all item by stores. I suppose short adults could shop in the children’s section but they’d be left looking like a princess or sponge Bob square pants.

I am knitting up a scarf for a visiting friend who will be returning to Minnesota the end of the week. He watched as I finished knitting a sweater for myself and we were all wondering aloud what I might make with the leftover yarn. I had a lot of leftover yarn because it was handspun and the spinners had no idea of the lengths of their skeins of yarn. One thing led to another and it turned out that my friend does not own a warm scarf. Minnesota was under the polar vortex at the time and temperatures were way below zero.

I am not a speed knitter. For me knitting is creative and zen like and I try not to knit to a deadline. The one Christmas when I gave everyone in my family a hand knit sweater almost destroyed my knitting for pleasure. Way before 9/11 I had to demonstrate my knitting to be allowed to take it on the airplane. I now knit for one birthday at a time.

At about 5′ of scarf it was looking “long enough.” When I had my friend try the work in progress on his over 6′ body, it looked really short. I am now up to 7′ and it is a bit more in proportion to his height. I have 4 days left so the pressure is off. I can easily get to 8 or 9 feet before he leaves.

One of the benefits of handmade is that the item can be made just for the recipient. One scarf is a piece of cake. All our government policies need to fit a lot of different sizes and needs. Unfortunately policies are not made by knitters adjusting them for each wearer. We are left with the dilemma of trying to craft one size fits all.