Sometimes the devil and the answer are in the details. It’s amazing how many times I apparently need to be reminded of that idea. I learned it again yesterday. (More)

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I am finishing up knitting a cardigan. I have been knitting since I was 7 years old. I knit pullovers sweaters, slippers, scarves, cowls, hats, baby blankets, afghans and an occasional cardigan sweater. The whole business with the binding up the sides of the front has usually been more trouble than it was worth. Given a choice I usually knit pullover sweaters. The sweater I’m working on now is made with hand spun yarn which is uneven in its diameter. The fatter yarn knits up differently than the skinnier yarn. I made up the designs as I went and each piece is different. A couple of friends can point to certain designs and claim credit for patterns they invented.

The step where I am now involves picking up stitches along the sides of the front and knitting ribbing out to put buttons on one side and buttonholes on the other. I got the side with the buttons done and hit a snag. Because the yarns are so uneven, I couldn’t just pick up three and skip one on the left side and hope that the second side would match the first side. I want the ribbing to line up one side with the other. You’ve probably started buttoning up a shirt crooked so there’s more shirt on one side at the bottom. That is what I wanted to avoid.

Trying to space 128 stitches evenly stopped me. I put the knitting down for a couple of days. In the last photo you can see the solution. I measured the raw sweater front into sections and tied little pieces of yarn to mark the sections. I could space 20 stitches evenly across a section. Viola! There is still a needle in the left side as I have some ribbing left to knit. The last piece left will be the collar or a hood. I’m still undecided.

Like any task that looks unmanageable at first, breaking it into pieces makes it doable. Remember this when we gear up for 2014 and someone calls to ask you to volunteer to make phone calls or canvas. Not one of us could possibly call every voter. Not one of us could knock on every door. Together, all together if we each take a piece we can make all the necessary calls and door knocks.