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This week I attended a victory celebration for Florida State Rep. Amanda Murphy, who was sworn in Friday. I’ll join Rep. Murphy in thanking the hundreds of volunteers, here in our county and across the state, who worked so hard in September and October to help her win her special election. We will work just as hard next year to reelect Rep. Murphy, and to elect Beverly Ledbetter, who is also running for the Florida statehouse next year, as well as our other state and local Democratic candidates.

At the 2011 conference of the National Organization for Women, we heard a presentation from Siobahn Bennett of She Should Run, who spoke about the barriers women face in running for political office. One of the biggest barriers a cultural reluctance to seek political leadership. Bennett cited data showing that, on average, women must be asked to run for office six times before they begin to think of themselves as legitimate candidates.

We all know women who would be strong Democratic candidates and excellent leaders. Even if you’re sure the women you know have already been asked, and even if you’ve already asked once, ask them again. Your invitation may be the one that nudges an outstanding Democratic leader into public office.