Many of us have some serious misconceptions about the lifestyles of best selling authors. Most of what you probably think is wrong. (More)

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If, for example, a NYT’s best selling award winning author was asked by her publisher to make a short “Happy New Year’s” video you might expect a stylist, a make-up artist, a professional videographer, lighting, a studio and a professional production. You would be so wrong.

My friend is a NYT best selling author and the winner of many awards. She has no staff at all. Lucky for her she has me and my iPhone to fulfill her publisher’s request for a “Happy New Year” video. At least the publisher went with a New Year’s greeting and avoided the whole “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Holidays,” and “Season’s Greetings” issue of just how to wish each other well this time of year.

My friend was not at all excited about doing this. She hates having her picture taken, worries that her voice will sound flat, thinks she has ‘raccoon eyes’ and doesn’t know if she owns any make-up. Hint to friend. If your make up is so old you don’t know if it is or where it is, it is probably no longer safe to use. My friend did not initially see any humor in her ranting whereas I was already giggling.

The ‘studio’ turned out to be the dining room. The whole issue of the choice of clothing was eliminated by placing several poinsettias on the table and having only her head appear above the red leaves. The hairstylist was dispensed with by her donning a straw hat and the ‘raccoon eyes’ disappeared behind a pair of hip sunglasses. Voila! An entire staff becomes unnecessary.

One small hitch occurred while I had to remember how to turn the camera on my iPhone from still photos to video. I have done this before although in fairness, sometimes I did it by accident. We took a few still photos first. I said I was checking the lighting but really I was desperately trying to remember or luck into the video setting. Finally. Video enabled. I could tell that we were going to get one chance at this. My Greta Garbo-like friend was not going to turn extrovert for more than 30 seconds. Fortunately for her I work well under pressure.

Mission Accomplished. Video emailed to my author friend and forwarded by her to her publisher. The only downside of all this is that she is a star and I’ll bet the publisher asks for more.