Apparently, never having to say you’re sorry these days means you are a Republican. Republicans demand apologies but rarely make any with the notable exception of apologizing to Rush Limbaugh. I think they have a lot to apologize for.(More)

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After mocking President Obama’s apology for the rollout of the website and the promise of keeping junk insurance, have any Republican governors apologized for their role in thwarting medicaid expansion in their states? Have they apologized or come up with a revenue replacement strategy for hospitals in their states who serve the uninsured? Have they apologized to all their citizens who will not get Medicaid coverage?

After voting in the House to cut food stamps while continuing the subsidies for agribusiness and wealthy farmers, have any of them said they’re sorry that children will be going hungry because of their votes? Have any of them apologized to strapped seniors who have more month than money and no food at the end of the month? Have any of them at least said they are contributing to local food banks? I suppose starving is too slow motion for the media to bother to cover. No ‘reporters’ have questioned Republicans on the impact of their votes so no apologies necessary apparently.

Rep. Randy Neugebauer, did send a letter of ‘apology’ to the National Park Service saying “I regret how I handled that situation, and I would like to offer you my apologies.” Neugebauer was the representative who berated a park ranger at the National World War II Memorial when his vote to shut down the government was precisely why the memorial was closed in the first place.

Republicans do seem to believe that their base is owed an apology for a certain vote to not take the country into default.

I dunno. Maybe this will now be a standard feature of all legislation: a first vote on the legislation itself, followed by a second “apology tour” vote in which you make it clear that you’re sorry you did what you did. At a guess, I’d say that voting to apologize for your voting record would only make the zealots—not to mention every other non-comatose human being in the country—even more contemptuous of you, but what do I know? Everything’s worth a try.

I liked it better when “love means never having to say you’re sorry” was a sappy line from Love Story.