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This week I attended my county Democratic Executive Committee meeting, where we met our first 2014 candidate, a doctor who will seek a seat on our county school board. School board seats are non-partisan races, in theory, but in fact our county GOP have been packing the board for years. Building on our success in electing Florida House Representative Amanda Murphy last month, we look forward to fielding a slate of strong Democratic candidates in state and local races next year.

We also reviewed our success in the Florida Democratic Party Voter Registration Day of Action on November 9th. I did not expect to meet our county target, as our Supervisor of Elections has told us that 84% of the eligible adults in our county are registered voters. That means five-of-six the adults we meet are likely to be registered, and our efforts last Saturday fit that statistic. But those who took part in the Day of Action reported good conversations with voters, and such events help build our local party’s presence in the community.