As a home remodeler and an organization development consultant I have experienced the difference between tearing something down (relatively quick process) versus building something new (a longer and bumpier process). Watching the Republicans try to tear down progressive successes got me to thinking about remodeling. (More)

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The first kitchen we gutted back to the studs was my first big DIY project. As a relative rookie I made detailed plans and cost estimates. I priced out cabinets, appliances, flooring etc. and had a nice timeline for the project. My husband laughed at my plans and told me they’d be dust before a week. Unexpected things were discovered in the walls and under the floor. I had a contingency fund which was wiped out by the need for wiring upgrades. A big blizzard had us stranded with little food on hand and a coffee pot and a small crock pot to cook with. My ‘plan’ had us eating take-out. Three days of canned soup and PB&J kept us fed.

The demolition went according to plan. I loved the tearing down phase and thought of myself as destructo woman removing inefficiencies and ugliness. One long weekend was all it took. Swinging a sledgehammer is faster than swinging a hammer to rebuild later in the process.

A few more DIY projects and I developed a rule of thumb that took my best estimates of time and cost and doubled them. I chuckle now at the projects on HGTV. Condensing weeks of hard work into a half hour transformation is fun to watch but boy is it unrealistic.

In the fight to try and take down Obamacare, it is advantage Republicans simply because they are only trying to demolish it. They have no intention of replacing it with anything. They criticize the PPACA as if it implementation was a half-hour remodeling show on HGTV.

The Democrats are in the remodeling and rebuilding mode. They have all the unexpected bumps in the road. Rebuilding is the much more difficult task but that doesn’t mean we should give up. What sustains any remodeler is the vision they hold of the finished project. I hold the vision in my head of an ACA fully implemented and all the under and uninsured people who will have access to health care.