I was late to the smart phone. My old flip phone was so old that it didn’t allow 911 to find my location which made it useless for donating. I’m a bit more up to date on computers. Actually my iPhone has the best camera I own. I love it! (More)

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I am making a fleece dog coat for my niece’s new black lab puppy. I am in Florida and my niece is in Minnesota. I went to a fabric store here and used my phone to take pictures of three combinations (top and lining). I made a similar dog coat for my sister’s golden retriever. Bailey, the golden had replacement hips and the cold really bothered her. She needed the coat and loves it. When my niece got Ripley I volunteered to make Ripley a dog coat. I doubt that the puppy really needs one but he is awfully cute and deserves some pampering. Ripley was six weeks old and quite tiny when I first met him in early October.

I lined up possible fabric combos at the store yesterday and whipped out my cell. I texted my niece the possibilities and got an instant response. My niece is a big football fan and a huge Broncos fan. She texted back “Broncos, Love it! He’s doubled in size already!” I knew immediately which selection to buy. Forget for a moment that I found NFL licensed Bronco fleece in Tampa, Florida. Bronco fans in Florida? Whatever.

I got to thinking how this process might have transpired pre smart phones. Actually pre smart phones I might never have contemplated sewing coats for dogs so the whole question might be mute. Would I have offered to sew for the puppy and used snail mail to write descriptions of the fabrics? Would I have waited for a USPS response before going back to the store? It seems so awkward just writing it out.

I resisted the iPhone for some time and my kids made fun of me as an old fuddy-duddy. I absolutely love it now. I honestly can’t imagine not having it. There are days when I love technology. On those days my laptop and phone are working well. I am not quite the cheerleader when one or the other is not working. Then I resemble Grumpy Cat.