Toronto’s Mayor, Rob Ford is somebody else’s problem. I am a huge fan of the CBC show As it Happens. They have done an excellent job of following this story. It has become my favorite political soap opera, one that I can relish because I don’t live in Toronto. (More)

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As It Happens opens each show with groan worthy puns. Thursday’s intro included this; “Blowing smoke? Toronto police announce they have the video which appears to show the mayor smoking crack — but Rob Ford still insists he has no reason to resign.”

If you’ve missed this story, some alleged drug dealers were peddling a videotape of the mayor allegedly smoking crack cocaine. Now the Toronto police have the tape and the mayor’s response is that he was smoking weed not crack. Okey dokey then.

Here are the highlights from Ford’s radio show. I’ll give him credit, he did apologize without wiggling.

Viewed from the States, the Toronto Troubles are pure entertainment. Ford’s supporters refer to themselves as “Ford Nation” even though they are a diminishing group in a city not a country. For a while last summer, there was an exodus of the Mayor’s staff. Some were fired and some quit. Each exit got a mention on As it Happens. I am kind of surprised that the mayor has any staff left by now. I watch this with the utter fascination of someone with no skin in the game. When the trouble is Ted Cruz shutting down my government to the tune of $20 plus billion, I have skin in the game. I am distraught and embarrassed.

I traveled internationally for business during the Bush 43 presidency. People would ask me what was wrong with America that they elected someone who couldn’t even properly pronounce “nuclear.” ‘Nucular’ seemed to be the best way that Europeans could encapsulate all they found lacking in the man. I finally got so sick of the questions about what was wrong with my country that my stock response was, “I did not vote for that man.”

So to my friends in Toronto, I feel your pain and I thank you for the distractions from my own U.S. based pains. It is always funnier when it is somebody else’s problem. One persons pain should not be another person’s comic relief but there is the consolation of knowing that we are not the only citizens with less than ideal elected officials.