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U.S. spy chiefs face Congress amid spying rift with Europe

(Reuters) – Top U.S. intelligence officials appeared at a congressional hearing on Tuesday amid a public uproar that has expanded from anger over the National Security Agency collecting the phone and email records of Americans to spying on European allies.

US drone strike in Somalia kills top al-Shabaab explosives expert

A US drone strike in Somalia has killed two senior members of the Islamist militant group al-Shabaab, including its top explosives expert, officials and residents have said.

Rebekah Brooks phone hacking case puts British justice on trial, says judge

The jury in the Rebekah Brooks phone hacking trial have been sworn in, with the judge warning them that it was not just the former News International chief executive and the seven other defendants but British justice on trial.

Obamacare website chief apologizes for errors and promises site will be fix

The government official responsible for the Obamacare enrolment website has apologised for the series of problems that have kept Americans from signing up for healthcare coverage, but repeatedly refused to say how many people had successfully enrolled in an insurance plan.

Texas voter ID law makes it harder for women to vote, Democrats claim

Some Democrats in Texas are claiming that the state’s controversial new voter identification law could make it harder for women to cast their ballots.

Syria polio cases confirmed by World Health Organization

World Health Organisation has confirmed 10 polio cases in north-eastSyria, the first confirmed outbreak in the country in 14 years, and warned that the disease could spread across the region.

Trayvon Martin’s mother testifies against stand-your-ground laws

The mother of Trayvon Martin appeared before a Senate hearing in Washington on Tuesday to demand changes to the stand-your-ground laws she blames for the death last year of her unarmed son at the hands of a Florida neighbourhood watch leader.

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