“Does everyone have your stakes and crosses?” Muffy asked.

“We’re all set,” Laurel replied. “Let’s go hunt some vampires.” (More)

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Welcome back to Tuesday’s Tale, a weekly feature where we collaborate to write a story. Previous Tuesday’s Tales include Out of the Bunker? and The Cryptics. We follow the basic rules of the “Yes, And” improvisational game – accept everything written so far as part of the story, and add your own paragraph (or so) where the last addition left off – except you needn’t begin your addition with “Yes, and.” I’ll start the story….


Note: Today’s Tuesday’s Tale is an homage to Joss Whedon’s award-winning series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Our characters begin in Season One.


“Mightn’t Muffy be better on her own?” Geeves asked. “She is, after all, the slayer. The rest of you aren’t even supposed to know about her, let alone help.”

Muffy rolled her eyes. “We know that, Geeves. But the story would be pretty boring with just you being stuffy and me oozing teenage angst.”

“And we all know Muffy can ooze,” Xavier said. He paused for their shocked looks. “Angst, I mean. Oozing angst.”

“Not to mention what she oozes from her pores,” Ophelia added tartly. “But that makes me look better by comparison, which is why I’m proud to stand beside her.”

“Hey Muffy,” Ankle said, looking up. “I have news.”

Muffy squatted beside four-inch-tall mystery man who appeared and disappeared with disturbing regularity, and often with disturbing portents.

“What is it, Ankle? We’re getting ready to go hunting.”

Ankle rolled his eyes, although only someone with 20/20 vision or a widescreen TV would notice. “The Mistress is up to something. Something big.”

Muffy nodded. “And?”

“And what?” Ankle replied. “That’s all I know. Now if you’ll all look over there, I can disappear mysteriously….”

They did, and he did.

“So where do we start?” Laurel asked.

“I’m thinking the Aluminum,” Muffy said. “That’s where the vamps always attack. Or else the graveyard. That and the school is pretty much all there is to Cloudydell, until we get more money for sets.”


Have fun!