We could be talking about a whole lot of things besides whatever the Tea Party is peddling. If you need a dose of optimism and specific things we could be talking about click on whitehouse.gov for inspiration. (More)

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Want good news about immigration reform and its economic impact? This video is from whitehouse.gov.

Still not sure about how to talk about what Obamacare means? This video is from whitehouse.gov too.

We could be talking about reducing the costs of college loans. You can go to white house.gov and grab the links for either Facebook or Twitter to share this graphic.


At the briefing room “The White House provides timely and accurate information about the President’s latest events and public statements. Here you’ll find photos, video, and transcripts, as well as proclamations, executive orders, and press releases.”

At the white house blog you can read and look at photos of everything from the gardens, the new dog Sunny, or the White House lit in pink for breast cancer awareness.

I for one have had enough of the Republican ‘civil war,’ the self-absorbed and definitely not camera shy guy from Texas, and today’s version of the John Birch Society. I wonder how long it will take the media to rediscover issues reporting and realize that not all of us are interested in conflict for its own sake.