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Henry V and “ye few, ye merry few, ye band of brothers” defeated the French at Agincourt today (1415). Also, Dirk Hartog made the second recorded European landing in Australia, on what is now Dirk Hartog Island (1616), London’s St. Katharine Docks opened (1828), “All in the valley of Death, rode the six hundred” as the Light Brigade fatefully charged at Balaclava (1854), the Toronto Stock Exchange was created (1861), the October Revolution began with the capture of the Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg, as dated by the Julian calendar then used in Russia, although it was November 7th by today’s Gregorian calendar (1917), The Daily Mail published the forged Zinoviev Letter predicting a workers’ uprising and communist takeover, four days before the British Labour Party’s loss to the Conservative Party in national elections (1924), Archbishop of Dubuque Francis Beckman denounced swing music as “gnawing at the moral fiber” and leading youth down “the primrose path to Hell” (1938), Benjamin Davis became the first black general in the U.S. Army (1940), the Republic of China took over administration of Taiwan (1945), U.N. ambassador Adlai Stevenson revealed reconnaissance photos of Soviet missiles in Cuba (1962), the United Nations voted to designate the People’s Republic as the U.N. member from China (1971), Digital Equipment Corporation released the first version of the OpenVMS operating system (1977), the U.S. invaded Grenada (1983), Denis Sassou-Nguesso proclaimed himself President of the Republic of the Congo (1997), and Fidel Castro banned the U.S. dollar in Cuba (2004). And 155 people were killed by two almost simultaneous car bombings in Baghdad (2009).


The Janitor Professor of Astrology missed Game Two of the World Series while researching this week’s Bippiescopes….

Scorpio: Your productivity may dip this weekend. Unless you produce errors.

Sagittarius: Don’t race through chores this weekend. Also, don’t rush throws.

Capricorn: Don’t overstep your bounds this weekend. And don’t give away runs.

Aquarius: Expect distractions this weekend. Make the play anyway.

Pisces: Work to prevent problems this weekend. Or try to play catch up.

Aries: Don’t pretend to have control this weekend. Ask for a reliever.

Taurus: Separate fact from fancy this weekend. Don’t trust your own hype.

Gemini: Your imagination is key this weekend. Imagine a good throw.

Cancer: Don’t reveal your plans this weekend. Until you turn in your lineup.

Leo: Let others share your success this weekend. Throw balls they can catch.

Virgo: Escape your routine this weekend. Find a comfy spot on the bench.

Libra: Don’t be bitter this weekend. No one else is. Dammit.


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