Since Halloween is coming, I thought I’d share the story of the talking pumpkin. This happened about twenty-five years ago but a variation would work just as well today. (More)

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We had a giant pumpkin, carved with the appropriate scary face sitting on our front steps. The costumes and candy were ready. I had the day off of work. I got the idea to put a small speaker in the pumpkin and run the wires up through the mail slot to the stereo components in the entry way. I wanted a talking pumpkin.

I should let you know that I am not a big techie and that I am better with computers that with the old racks of stereo components. I went off to radio shack and bought a small speaker, some wire and a microphone. I thought I would just plug stuff in and be good to go. Apparently the jacks came in different sizes. After three trips into the store I had all the clerks trying to help me. Some of them were more engaged in my project than others. When I called back, the guy who answered said, “It’s that broad with the talking pumpkin. Who wants to help her.”

Well, I got the speaker to work before the trick or treaters started coming. We lit up all the pumpkins and waited. Little kids were very cool being called to by the pumpkin. I knew their names, of course and most of them weren’t too freaked out when the pumpkin said, “Matt you’re a very fierce looking pirate on this scary night.” or “Mari, what a pretty princess you are. Would you like a treat?”

The little ones would have a bit of a conversation asking why this pumpkin could talk and theirs didn’t. The Older kids started to look for the wires and try to figure out the setup. I was about ready to turn off the lights when much older teenagers came around and not even in costume. The pumpkin let fly with, “Hey we only give treats to people in costumes and don’t you think you’re a little too old for this?”

If you’d like to put a little magic in Halloween, I highly recommend a talking pumpkin and short visits with kids who still believe in magic.