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This week I led a GOTV phone bank for Amanda Murphy on the night before her special election to represent District 36 in the Florida State House. Our calls were among several thousand made in the final days by volunteers for the Murphy campaign, the Florida Democratic Party, our Democratic Executive Committee, and our local Democratic clubs. Great work, everyone!

Not surprisingly, most of the voters in our target universe had been called more than once. Most were grateful for the reminders, but a few complained about the number of contacts and I thanked them for their patience. I also reminded my phone bankers that data from OFA and other campaigns found that, statistically, each contact makes a voter more likely to cast a ballot, even when the voter angrily declares he/she is fed up and doesn’t want to hear from anyone ever again. (That’s why canvassing lists and phone banks almost never include a “Do Not Call This Voter Again” response.) The complaints can be discouraging, but it’s important to remain polite … and to remember that the emotional response you receive at the door or on the phone is not a reliable predictor of whether that person will vote.