This weekend we have articles on the successful rollout of Obamacare in states that created exchanges, how economic inequality fuels itself, President Obama’s pick to head the Department of Homeland Security, how hospitals rake in obscene amounts of profits, and declining food stamp benefits. (More)


The Truth About the ObamaCare Rollout – while the media has focused on a number of serious flaws in the computerized registration system for the federal health care exchange, the state exchanges are doing much better and there is still plenty of time for the process to work.

Poverty Breeds More Poverty – an essay about how how economic inequality fuels even further economic inequality in the absence of government policies to counteract such inequality.

Jeh Johnson: Why Obama’s Left-Field DHS Pick Could be an Agent of Change – President Obama’s new pick to head the Department of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, who previously helped end Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and who last fall cautioned against an unending militarized war against terrorism, could help reform an agency that needs significant reforms.

Prognosis: Profits – a multi-part investigative series in the Charlotte Observer about how hospitals in the area are making increasingly obscene amounts of profits at the expense of patients

SNAP Benefits Will Be Cut For All Participants in November 2013 – As a result of the accelerated sunsetting of the increase in food stamp benefits included in the 2009 stimulus act, SNAP recipients and our economy will be hit with a combined reduction of approximately $5 billion per year in benefits starting in November 2013.