The back end of my car is plastered with progressive and democratic bumper stickers. Since I am planning to drive from Minnesota to Florida and pass through a lot of southern states, I wonder if I should remove them.(More)

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In my summer job as a campground host in the north woods in blue Minnesota, the bumper stickers are a conversation starter. Campers can easily see which causes and candidates I support. I left on my “I recalled Scott Walker” sticker even after the recall effort failed. Campers from Wisconsin are most appreciative and readily share how his policies as governor are hurting them and their friends and families. Others smile and say, “I like your bumper stickers and I am with you.” I have some great visits with campers.

I have several stickers that support protecting the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness from the pollution of mining. This is a great recruiting vehicle for “Sustainable Ely” one of the environmental groups I belong to. I can tell it works because they come back wearing the T-shirts or baseball caps you get for joining.

I have a “Vote NO” sticker for the Minnesota marriage amendment and an equality sign for LGBT rights. The only cause I believe in for which I don’t have a sticker is my support of gun control.

I am a sixty-six year old woman who will be driving alone for several days. I am worried about the kind of conversations my bumper stickers may start in parts of Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. If I had a car breakdown and needed help would the decorated rear end of my car cause people to drive by muttering “You’re on your own?” I do not own or carry a gun. I do have a cell phone.

Something about the national conversation about shutting down the government and threatening to default on the national debt seems meaner and uglier than past political disagreements. I am worried about outbreaks of violence. I fully support the Affordable Care Act but don’t relish the idea of being shot over my “Obamacare, Signed, Sealed and Delivering” sticker.

I am pondering just how much faith I have in the goodness of my fellow citizens. Blue Minnesota is not like some of the states through which I will be driving.