I moved out of my last house 10 years ago, planning to live and work in a small RV. I intended to settle down again someday, but I seem no closer to landing than I was when this ‘plan’ took shape. (More)

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I gave away or sold most of a 5 bedroom house full of stuff but kept some things for when I settled down again, and stored the rest in boxes at my sons’ homes. I have spent much of the last week sorting and once again paring down. I love books and feel safe and cozy surrounded by them. If the answer was in a book, I would have found it by now. When I packed 10 years ago I labeled boxes and wrote the contents in a small spiral notebook. Amazingly, I still have the notebook and this made things much easier. 31 boxes of books now seems most excessive. I have transitioned to using an e-reader and library books. I have decided to keep about 4 boxes of books.

The real challenge was the box containing family Bibles. In the old days before birth certificates and social security numbers, births, weddings and deaths were recorded in family Bibles. I have a couple from the early 1800s and a Bible written in Welsh that dates back to the late 1600s. Welsh is a very difficult language and one I cannot read or speak. Yet in the family records section there are names and dates I can read. Lists of people named Lloyd, Jones and Davis have their arrivals and departures duly noted in the pages. The recording of “hatchings, matchings and dispatchings” stopped with my grandparents.

So I am sitting in the storage loft in my son’s garage staring at a book I cannot read wondering if I will be the one who breaks the chain. Should I toss it? Should I find a Welsh-American group to donate it to? Should I send it back to Wales? Should I send it to my cousin who is more equipped to store it than I am?

My rather efficient sorting process was brought to a halt by this Welsh Bible. Maybe it was looking a photos of my boys going from babies to high school graduations to wedding pictures that emotionally set me up for this Bible. I am stymied. Heck I can’t even read this although it does have some very nice colored drawings.

In the end, I saved the box of Bibles. It will be up to my son and his wife or my grandkids to pitch the darn things. My reluctance isn’t that it is a Holy Book. It’s centuries of family members markings their passings in hopes that the next generations will do the same. I would feel like I was letting them down.