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Caliph al-Adil was assassinated today (1227). Also, Merten de Keyser printed the Coverdale Bible, the first complete Bible in English, translated by William Tyndale and Miles Coverdale (1535), Gregory XIII implemented the Gregorian Calendar and Italy, Poland, Portugal, and Spain jumped to October 15th on the following day (1582), Napoleon Bonaparte fired a “Whiff of Grapeshot” at armed rioters who were threatening the French National Convention (1795), Mexico adopted her first constitution and became a republic (1824), the Kingdom of Belgium separated from the Netherlands (1830), Texas A&M opened as the state’s first public university (1876), the Orient Express made her first run (1883), the first U.S. Open Men’s Golf Championship was played at the Newport Country Club in Rhode Island (1895), over 100 people died as an explosion rocked the T.A. Gillespie Company Shell Loading Plant in Sayreville, New Jersey (1918), Gutzon Borglum began sculpting Mount Rushmore (1927), Norman Rockwell’s Willie Gillis character debuted on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post (1941), the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, on the same day Leave It to Beaver premiered on CBS (1957), the French Fifth Republic was established (1958), 6000 people died as Category 4 Hurricane Flora struck Haiti and Cuba (1963), Paul VI arrived in New York as the first pope to visit the Western Hemisphere (1965), Greece’s New Democracy party was founded (1974), Britain’s Intercity 125 High Speed Train began operations (1976), the Free Software Foundation was founded (1984), televangelist Jim Bakker was was indicted for fraud (1986), the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty opened for signature (1991), the Rome General Peace Accords ended the 16-year civil war in Mozambique (1991), Russian tanks shelled the parliament building as supporters of President Boris Yeltsin rallied outside (1993), vault supervisor David Ghantt stole $17.3 million in cash from the Loomis-Fargo armored car office in Charlotte, North Carolina (1997), 21 people were killed when a suicide bomber attacked the Maxim restaurant in Haifa, Israel (2003), and SpaceShipOne won the $10 million Ansari X Prize for private spaceflight (2004). And 10 people died as toxic mud spilled out of a containment reservoir at Hungary’s Ajkai Timföldgyár alumina plant (2010).


The Janitor Professor of Astrology….

Libra: Your dreams require hard work this weekend. Sorry about that.

Scorpio: Don’t spill the beans this weekend. Anything else is gravy.

Sagittarius: Share your optimism this weekend. With someone else.

Capricorn: Balance work and play this weekend. With a thumb on the scale.

Aquarius: Look past the practical this weekend. Wear those shoes.

Pisces: Explore uncharted shadows of love this weekend. But not all fifty.

Aries: Let friends know you care this weekend. Introduce them to a Pisces.

Taurus: Prioritize your tasks this weekend. Then misplace the list.

Gemini: Express your artistic nature this weekend. Share the drama.

Cancer: Keep your emotions in check this weekend. Avoid Geminis.

Leo: Include friends in your plans this weekend. Give them chores.

Virgo: Embrace ambivalence and uncertainty this weekend. Sort of.


Good morning! ::hugggggs::